The Selah Way Foundation is dedicated to not only combatting sex trafficking and exploitation through our three Pillars, but also by equipping you with solutions. Being able to recognize the warning signs and access resources is vital in preventing the next generation from being abused.

Learn more about identifying childhood sexual abuse and how to help victims.

Top Indicators of Sex Trafficking/Exploitation

  • Signs of or history of emotional, sexual, or other physical abuse, sexually transmitted diseases 

  • Unexplainable appearance of expensive gifts, clothing, or other costly items 

  • Presence of an older boy/girlfriend 

  • Minor in the company of a controlling third party

  • Lack of knowledge about a given community or whereabouts 

  • Bruising and injuries, signs of branding/tattoos

  • Runaway/homeless 

  • Lying about age, giving false ID and/or no ID 

  • Well-rehearsed and/or inconsistent stories

Sex Trafficking Statistics​​*

  • 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys are sexually abused as children

  • 91% of childhood sexual abuse victims report knowing their abuser

  • 92% of sex trafficking survivors were sexually abused as children

  • Many survivors report sexual abuse beginning between 3-4 years old

  • 2 million children are sold each year through sex trafficking

  • Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 states

  • Statistically, the average age of children running away and entering into sex trafficking is around 15 years old

  • Within 48 hours of running away, 1 out of 3 children are solicited for sex

  • Victims can be sold 15-40 times every 24 hours

  • It takes 7-8 touchpoints with a victim before she is ready to step into care

  • Pornography gets more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined

  • 1 in 9 children receive online sexual solicitation

  • Traffickers recruit children into sex trafficking through close relationships ("friending")

  • Traffickers have made up to $1.6 million per year off their victims

  • Sex Trafficking is a $99 billion dollar industry

  • Romania is the biggest source of sex trafficking survivors in Europe

  • 78% of sex trafficking survivors rescued in Europe are from either Romania or Moldova. 50% of these survivors are children

  • 65% of traffickers are the victim's mother; 32% are the victim’s father

know the signs.

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