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Selah Freedom is an American nonprofit with programs based in Florida and the Midwest, co-founded by Elizabeth Fisher Good and Laurie Swink. Their work with survivors from all over the country is unprecedented and they have been lauded as the model organization with the highest outcomes in serving this population. By partnering with their experience and expertise through our Provision Pillar, we are able to exponentially move the needle in the fight to end sex trafficking and restore young lives affected by this crime.

"This is the first safe home I have ever known. I thought I was only worth my body, but for the first time in my life, I actually love myself and feel worthy! Everyone gave up on me, except Selah Freedom. They gave me a new life."

-Selah Freedom Survivor

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Laurie Swink is Selah Freedom's Co-Founder and Educator/Trainer of Curriculum and Core Values. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and has 30+ years teaching 1st-12th grade.  In 2011, Laurie’s heart was moved to establish a residential home when she realized a survivor coming out of sex trafficking was only at the beginning of their journey not the end.  She oversees the Selah Freedom programming while training other organizations to build a sustainable and safe residential program for sex trafficking survivors. Laurie considers her work with the survivors to be a privilege and an honor. 

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Sexual abuse can begin at any age. 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 13 boys are sexually abused. 91% of victims are abused by someone they know.

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Predators use lies to manipulate victims... "You should be ashamed of yourself." ; "Look what you made me do."; "If you tell anyone, you'll be in trouble."

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The average age of running away and entering sex trafficking is 15-17 years old.

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1 out of 3 youth is solicited for sex within 48 hours of running away.

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Traffickers have made up to $1.6 million per year off of their victims.

Our LIFT Program includes training centers in select regions and an online LMS platform built to accelerate learning and provide immersion opportunities virtually. This global training arm helps other organizations learn how to successfully and sustainably operate residential programming for survivors, as well as outreach, prevention and awareness. This creates a holistic approach to the organization eradicating sex trafficking through one or all four types of programs. By equipping organizations through our LIFT Program with the tools they need to achieve the highest levels of outcomes, measurements and standards serving this population, we are bringing freedom to exponentially more lives around the country and world. Each organization is unique and our vast experience and success in this area allows us to meet their individual training needs and empower them for ongoing success. 

60 organizations have been trained to launch their own residential programs and provide services to survivors.


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For every $1 million invested, Selah Freedom saves that region $4.6 million in incarceration expenses.

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87% of survivors graduates of Selah Freedom do not return to the streets.

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100% of the survivors in Selah Freedom's safe homes are pursuing their educational & career goals.