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Free The Heart

At the Selah Way Foundation we are very selective in the partners we highlight and work to scale. A great deal of criteria goes into that selection process. Selah Freedom, with its decade of best practices and an 87% success rate of survivors not returning to the streets, is a model that we chose because domestic sex trafficking appears very differently than it does internationally. For 92% of the survivors served in the U.S.A., sexual abuse was the root issue that led them into being recruited into "the life." Internationally, poverty and false promises of a better life for their family is more often a tool used to lure in victims. Uncaged is our European partner serving an area in desperate need, Romania. Our domestic and international scaling efforts work to eradicate sex trafficking on a global scale. 

While in "the life," victims of sex trafficking can be sold 15-40 times every 24 hours. Their every move is controlled by their trafficker. The fear and shame they feel resembles that of a child who has been sexually abused, threatened and manipulated by the predator, with no hope of escaping. They have been in survival mode for years and have not known that freedom was even possible. 

We know they are worthy of freedom and made for so much more. That is why our Provision Initiative is dedicated to providing a new beginning for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. We are taking the best practices and proven models for successful safe housing and scaling them exponentially to meet the needs of survivors domestically and internationally, and training other organizations to do the same.

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Our Organizational Mentorship Program has trained successful organizations throughout the U.S., in Canada, Romania and Peru.

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87% of survivor graduates do not return to the streets. We provide the tools needed to implement structured programming with successful outcomes.

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We have trained 60 organizations in how to create and implement fundraising and community engagement to grow and sustain their programs.