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We are passionate about preventing sex trafficking, exploitation and abuse before it happens. S.P.E.A.K. Up (Student Prevention Education & Advocacy for Kids) is our turn-key, train the trainer model that provides school systems with a top down approach ensuring all faculty and staff are educated on how to protect students and recognize the red flags. We are empowering students and adults to speak up against exploitation and abuse. Curricula for K-12th grade students, from our expert network partners across the country, is available so that every child knows the power of their voice and how to stay safe.

Our National Education Curriculum Team has developed and piloted this comprehensive learning tool. It is designed for school leaders to easily train their teaching and support staff on awareness and prevention efforts to combat sex trafficking and sexual abuse.  Teachers will then be equipped to bring this critical information to their students. This professional learning tool is designed as a “train the trainer” tool and includes all necessary information to teach all faculty/staff and K-12th grade students.


There are three phases included:

  1. Onboarding:  School leaders become informed and empowered to train their teams on awareness and prevention techniques.

  2. Team Learning: Leaders facilitate a professional development experience for their sites so teachers and staff are informed on awareness and prevention techniques and ready to take students through an awareness and prevention learning experience. 

  3. Student Learning:  Educators implement a learning experience for students which promotes awareness and prevention of sex trafficking and sexual abuse. 


This train the trainer model is essentially providing school districts with personal development in a box. They will be independently guided through raising awareness and increasing prevention for their student population. By creating a relevant, easy to implement, age-appropriate system, S.P.E.A.K. Up empowers adults and students to be a part of the solution in the fight to end sex trafficking and abuse.

1 out of 9 children are sexually solicited online

1 out of 10 children are sexually abused


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