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The Selah Way Foundation partners with organizations with the highest outcomes, standards and measurements. We know that sex trafficking is happening in every corner of the globe, which is why we are dedicated to providing domestic and international survivors with every resource need to live FREE!

Updates from Uncaged in Europe:

  • Website Takedown - Uncaged took down an online trafficking platform with over 400,000 users 

  • Survivors Freed - Rescued 10 survivors in almost as many days

  • Legal Representation - Defended survivors testifying in court against their traffickers

Updates from Selah Freedom in U.S.A.

  • Life Saving Programs - Nearly 600 survivors have been served through Selah Freedom's Residential and Outreach Programs.

  • Helping Others Build Success - 77 organizations, domestically and internationally, have been mentored in the Selah model to create sustainable success and high level outcomes serving survivors of sex trafficking.

  • Survivor Victory - A survivor recently graduated from Selah Freedom's Residential Program celebrating 19 months sober and out of "the life," for the first time in seven years. Before coming to Selah Freedom she used cocaine every single day for over seven years to try to numb the pain of the abuse and exploitation she had endured.

Above: Selah Freedom Survivor Poem