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First cryptocurrency/dark web trainings launching

We are rolling out our first law enforcement trainings on cryptocurrency and the dark web as it relates to sex trafficking in Tampa, Detroit and other major cities. We are also leading Human Trafficking 101 trainings in New York and Georgia. Our expert team is working to equip the front lines to be the protectors they always intended to be! With many human trafficking operations going underground and online it is imperative that officers understand how to bring these criminals to justice and find the survivors in need of rescue.

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Global Strategic Operatives is preparing for 250,000 more healthcare professionals to be trained internationally, including systems in:

  • India

  • Ireland

  • Australia

  • Poland

  • Africa

  • Thailand and/or Vietnam or Myanmar

All trainings have been made available virtually and the GSO team is working to accomplish the following in the coming months:

  1. Complete training to international healthcare sites and to collect similar research data as U.S. sites and compare policies & protocols to create one common policy to present to WHO. GSO will host a meeting at the UN to report on all pilot study findings. 

  2. Complete training in Chennai, India.

  3. Complete training in the second largest hospital in Albania, Public Hospital Durres.

With 240,000 healthcare professionals already being trained, GSO is successfully creating an international wave of education and empowerment in the medical community to fight sex trafficking.

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