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About our national training cadre

Our National Training Cadre (NTC) is comprised of leading law enforcement officers and trainers from around the country. We are excited to share how we are training law enforcement, the judicial system and state attorney's to understand and approach the issue of sex trafficking in an entirely new way. This month we are thrilled to introduce our Global Ambassador for the National Training Cadre, Kindsey Pentecost.

Kindsey Pentecost is a Global Ambassador for The Selah Way Foundation. For over ten years she has worked to combat sex trafficking. She is the cofounder of TYLA (Turn Your Life Around), a prostitution court diversion program identifying victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Kindsey is certified with the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute for Human Trafficking and has partnered with local law enforcement to be the first point of contact for women identified as sex trafficking victims. Kindsey has served on the leadership team of the Circuit 12 Coalition Against Human Trafficking and has more than 1,000 hours in training in the field of human trafficking.


Meet Kindsey Pentecost

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About Global strategic operatives

Global Strategic Operatives has already trained the largest healthcare systems in America and is now actively training overseas. Hospital staff are, many times, the first point of contact for victims of this crime. Unless they know how to identify sex trafficking victims and have a network of support, they will unknowingly turn them right back over to their traffickers. GSO is blazing the trail to create a frontline of defense for victims.

Meet Deb O'Hara-Ruskowski

Deb O’Hara-Rusckowski is the Global Ambassador for The Selah Way Foundation, a Delegate for the Order of Malta’s Mission at the United Nations and the founder of Global Strategic Operatives. Deb is critical care nurse by training with a BSN, MBA and a Master’s in Theology. She formerly worked in private healthcare for 30+ years and now works with Homeland Security, law enforcement, survivor leaders and clinicians touring system wide training to large healthcare delivery systems globally which work to create universal standards and policies for the healthcare sector to eradicate sex trafficking. 

GSO Updates:

  • International Impact - Trainings for healthcare systems have been completed in India and will also take place in Southeast Asia, Poland, Albania and Romania

  • Nurses Share - Feedback from recent trainings includes:

    • "What an eye opener to hear some things that may be occurring all around us and right under our noses... I now feel more confident with some red flags to look for in a patient."

    • "This issue of human trafficking is a global health crisis that requires urgent intervention. Nurses have a roll to play in helping to identify victims of human trafficking and report to the proper authorities for proper investigation and follow up."