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A Letter From Our Co-Founder /CEO

As one of the Co-Founders of Selah Freedom,

I have been at the front lines of the anti-sexual exploitation movement since 2011. Our nonprofit organization has been recognized for providing a more comprehensive array of services for survivors and those at risk of exploitation than any other organization in the country. 


One thing that I have learned through experience is that there is a great need for more collaborative services and a network of service providers for this vulnerable population. Since we first launched, the vision we had at Selah Freedom was to reach the highest level of outcomes, measurements and scalable best practices. Our goal was also to be able to identify the most credentialed fellow service providers in the United States so that we could launch a unified network of world changers. We know that together, we can save more lives! This desire birthed The Selah Way Foundation, which creates a solid system of care for survivors of sexual trauma and the innocent children targeted by predators. It also creates a resource center for parents and professionals to learn how to protect, intervene and get ahead of the cultural grooming.

We also learned that with so many nonprofits claiming to make an impact, this can become an area of donor confusion. How do you ensure that your investment will produce results? Having earned the reputation of the leading and largest anti-sex trafficking organization, The Selah Way Foundation took the responsibility of locking arms with other well-vetted organizations to the next level. We have created a "one-stop" donor experience where supporters can give with confidence knowing that their investment will save lives through numerous leading organizations in our network. 

I invite you to visit our website and learn more about our three initiatives: Prevention, Protection and Provision and how these initiatives are bringing tangible solutions in the fight to end sexual exploitation. Not only is The Selah Way Foundation an endowment arm of Selah Freedom and we have the security to continually expand, but ultimately it endows the anti-sex trafficking movement to protect our children and eradicate exploitation from our own backyard.

The Selah Way Foundation creates a shield of protection for precious young lives, equips interveners on the front line to bring justice, and brings healing and restoration to survivors of sexual trauma. Sexual exploitation is not an issue designated to impoverished countries and television documentaries. It is hiding in plain sight. It is targeting our own American children, regardless of their race, gender, zip code or socio-economic background.


Sexual exploitation is here.

And it is 100% PREVENTABLE.

We can expose it. We can disarm it. Together, we can eradicate it.

Lock arms with The Selah Way Foundation to fuel this movement. Learn more about becoming a member of the Founders Circle or Ambassadors Circle.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to bring freedom, justice and hope to every young life! I look forward to standing together in this fight. 

Gratefully Yours, 

Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good

Co-Founder & CEO


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no child should be sold.

now is the time to say, "not on my watch!"

"Selah Freedom is the Google of non-profits. Selah caught my attention because it operates and executes more like a high performance tech company than a nonprofit. I was intrigued and chose to mentor them in the areas of expansion, scalability and culture. Selah Freedom can now scale their DNA and results with the speed and success of Starbucks. I support the launch of The Selah Way Foundation. The Foundation allows our American girls to be saved from sex trafficking by locking arms with vetted anti-sex trafficking leaders from around the country. A strong collaborative network will maximize the reach globally. Donors now have one vetted proven place to give to the anti-sex trafficking movement in America. I am proud to help them in this vital work."


-J. Stuart Moore

Co-Founder & Former Co-CEO, Sapient

Selah Way Foundation Advisory Board Emeritus

"We absolutely love collaborating with the Selah Way Foundation and being a part of their network. This is a big job we are all attempting, and it's so encouraging to know we have likeminded friends around the country to partner with.”


Alan Smyth

Executive Director, Saving Innocence

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