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The Selah Way Foundation 

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The Selah Way Foundation

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OUR initiatives




How we are addressing the entire scope of the issue:




Educating and empowering children and interveners through customized, cutting edge curriculum so that they can recognize the signs of exploitation and discover the power of their own voice to speak up against abuse.

Training first responders and medical professionals on the front lines to recognize at-risk children and exploited young adults. Teaching how to take action against predators and serve and protect innocent victims.

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Providing  safe places for survivors of sexual exploitation to heal from trauma and receive restorative services such as trauma therapy, medical and legal aid, a personalized education plan, job placement, mentorship, horse therapy and more.

Refer and connect youth, interveners, professionals and survivors to the elite, proven organization which best fits their needs.

Our goal is to prevent sexual abuse, protect innocence and provide freedom.


Each initiative directly fuels our fight to end sexual exploitation. We are raising up an army of Champion Defenders who will passionately support our mission and help us hold a megaphone up to this issue hiding in plain sight.

Costs of launching The Selah Way Foundation Initiatives:

Prevention: $3 Million Needed to Fund

Help us lead 1,600 prevention groups designed for boys and girls, K-12th grade. We will reach over 20,000 children to prevent them from sexual exploitation and abuse.

Protection: $6 Million Needed to Fund

Help us provide security and surveillance for survivors and training for 200,000 professionals on the front lines across the nation, $100,000 per state. Altogether, we will educate and equip 50 different agencies annually for two years.

Provision: $6 Million Needed to Fund

Help us launch three campuses. Each campus consists of a six bedroom residential home and a four bedroom graduate home located on a 3-5 acre lot. Each campus costs $2 million, which includes operations for one year.

Special thanks to the Moore Family Foundation, Moskovitz Family Foundation and Chauncy & Marion D. McCormick Foundation, our pioneers of the Founders Circle.