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While in "the life," victims of sex trafficking can be sold 15-40 times every 24 hours. Their every move is controlled by their trafficker. The fear and shame they feel resembles that of a child who has been sexually abused, threatened and manipulated by the predator. They have been in survival mode for years and have not known that freedom was even possible. 

We know they are worthy of freedom and made for so much more. That is why our Provision Initiative is dedicated to providing a new beginning for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. By partnering with the nation's leading model for safe-housing for this population, we give young lives access to every tool necessary to rest, restore and relaunch as who were created to be. Survivors receive a personalized education plan, medical and legal aide, life skills, mentorship, career placement, trauma therapy, horse therapy and more.

The LIFT Program includes training centers in select regions and an online LMS platform built to accelerate learning and provide immersion opportunities virtually. This global training arm helps other organizations learn how to successfully and sustainably operate residential programming for survivors, as well as outreach, prevention and awareness. This creates a holistic approach to the organization eradicating sex trafficking through one or all four types of programs. By equipping organizations through our LIFT Program with the tools they need to achieve the highest levels of outcomes, measurements and standards serving this population, we are bringing freedom to exponentially more lives around the country and world. Each organization is unique and our vast experience and success in this area allows us to meet their individual training needs and empower them for ongoing success. 

Our Organizational Mentorship Program has trained successful organizations throughout the U.S., in Canada, Romania and Peru.

75% of survivor graduates do not return to the streets. We provide the tools needed to implement structured programming with successful outcomes.

We help organizations create and implement fundraising and community engagement to grow and sustain their programs.


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