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"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well, matters very much," Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The Selah Way Foundation is key in saving the next generation from a life of secrets, shame, coercion and abuse. We are exposing the root issue of childhood sexual abuse and fighting to forever eradicate this injustice from our world. By supporting The Selah Way Foundation you will receive the highest return on your investment with solid results in the movement to end sex trafficking and exploitation.


In 2018, Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good and Laurie Swink founded the 501c3 non-profit organization The Selah Way Foundation. Built on a firm cornerstone of nine years of Selah Freedom’s best practices, measurements, outcomes, and audited financials, the Selah Way Foundation is an international expansion of these lessons learned. A global training network of leading anti-sex trafficking best practices and service providers, the mission of the Selah Way Foundation is to eradicate human trafficking on a global scale. Our anti-human trafficking training programs equip professionals on the front lines with the information and skills they need to identify and serve human trafficking victims and prevent children from being exploited. 

A Global Training Network to End Sex Trafficking through Prevention, Protection & Provision 

The goal of our anti-human trafficking organization is to engage a collaborative global training network of highly credentialed human trafficking service providers focused on three evidence-based Initiatives: 1) Prevention, 2) Protection, and 3) Provision. Network members include, but are not limited to, Selah Freedom, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Global Strategic Operatives, Journey Out, and Saving Innocence. 

Our Three Initiatives 

The three initiatives have very specific goals: 1) Prevention includes the educating and empowering of children and interveners through customized, cutting edge train the trainer curriculum so that they can recognize the signs of exploitation and discover the power of their own voice to speak up against abuse. 2) Protection trains first responders and medical professionals on the front lines to recognize at-risk children and exploited young adults, teaching them how to take action against predators and serve and protect innocent victims. 3) Provision provides training to scale and grow the launching of safe places for survivors of sexual exploitation to heal from trauma and receive restorative services such as trauma therapy, medical and legal aid, a personalized education plan, job placement, mentorship, equine therapy and more.

Our Track Record as a Leader in the International Fight to End Sex Trafficking and Exploitation 

Since establishment in 2018, the Selah Way Foundation has made huge strides across all three of its initiatives. The Protection Initiative trained 590 law enforcement officers from agencies across the country. “This short, but to the point course, should be taught in all academies as well as in our school systems with parents included in order to protect our families and to make family structures stronger again." - Trooper 1stClass, Michael Reidy, Connecticut Police Department. 

In 2019 in St. Louis, MO, the Selah Way Foundation held a roundtable event with nonprofits, law enforcement, government officials and philanthropists to identify potential partners and gaps in local services. Additionally, the Global Strategic Operatives (GSO) which launched out of the United Nations, in partnership with the Selah Way Foundation, has become the leading healthcare training model to combat human trafficking. GSO’s pilot program trained 250,000 plus nurses, doctors, hospital administrators and EMTs from the nation’s largest healthcare systems and is positioned to launch international training in 2021, (Baptist Health (FL), Advocate Aurora Health (IL), Hackensack Meridian Health (NJ), RWJ Barnabas Health (NJ), Northwell Health (NY), and Harris Health/Baylor School of Medicine [postponed due to COVID-19]).

The Prevention Initiative engaged philanthropists and stakeholders in Atlanta, GA to bring our K-12 prevention curriculum to that market. At the federal level, Ms. Good recently represented the Selah Way Foundation at the White House Human Trafficking Summit hosted by Ivanka Trump and President Trump committed $400 million to supporting the fight to end sex trafficking targeting our own American children. Finally, our beautiful "Once Upon A Crime" PSA launched across the United States via TV, Radio and Print ads.

These efforts strategically position the Selah Way Foundation as a leader in the international fight to end sex trafficking and exploitation.

Testimonials to Our Impact in Human Trafficking Prevention, Provision and Protection

"Selah Freedom is the Google of non-profits. Selah caught my attention because it operates and executes more like a high performance tech company than a nonprofit. I was intrigued and chose to mentor them in the areas of expansion, scalability and culture. Selah Freedom can now scale their DNA and results with the speed and success of Starbucks. I support the launch of The Selah Way Foundation. The Foundation allows our American girls to be saved from sex trafficking by locking arms with vetted anti-sex trafficking leaders from around the country. A strong collaborative network will maximize the reach globally. Donors now have one vetted proven place to give to the anti-sex trafficking movement in America. I am proud to help them in this vital work."

-J. Stuart Moore

Former Co-founder and Co-CEO, Sapient Technology

"We absolutely love collaborating with the Selah Way Foundation and being a part of their network. This is a big job we are all attempting, and it's so encouraging to know we have likeminded friends around the country to partner with.”

-Alan Smyth

Executive Director, Saving Innocence

Reach out to the Selah Way Foundation to learn more about our Initiatives and training programs which fight human trafficking and exploitation.

no child should be sold.

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