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ABOUT the selah way Foundation


Ten years in the making, The Selah Way Foundation began as a vision in 2010 and has evolved into a catalytic platform to end sexual exploitation and trafficking.  The organization's Co-Founders knew from the beginning that they would first establish Selah Freedom, followed by launching a foundation strongly rooted in the organization's best practices and high impact model, and which would have a global reach.


In 2018 it was time to bring this vision to life and The Selah Way Foundation became incorporated. The Selah Way Foundation is an innovative approach to deliver scalable solutions to a complicated and ever-evolving issue. It also creates an opportunity for industry-leaders, and vetted organizations doing similar work, to maximize their impact by leveraging shared resources and synergies. Today, The Selah Way Foundation's three Pillars and training arms are creating an international sea change with an unparalleled approach to moving the needle forward to eradicate sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

OUR pillars

The three Pillars of The Selah Way Foundation create a path to ending human trafficking by addressing it from all angles, creating a movement with a global reach.

  • The Provision Pillar partners with Selah Freedom domestically and Uncaged in Europe to provide safe-housing and restorative programs for survivors.  

  • The Prevention Pillar provides entire school districts, including all faculty/staff and K-12th graders with S.P.E.A.K. UP, a unique train-the-trainer model with proven outcomes to prevent children from exploitation.

  • The Protection Pillar, comprised of Global Strategic Operatives and the National Training Cadre, trains the front lines of law enforcement agencies and healthcare systems to recognize this crime and rescue survivors.


Our methodology is based on investing the funding where it's needed most, and that's not supporting a full-scale, ongoing operations, administration, and salaries. The goal of the Foundation is to teach others how to fish rather than create ongoing dependency. A benefit of the Foundation's collaborative structure is that it allows many organizations to operate with shared resources. This creates an atmosphere of collaboration, not competition between organizations, and allows for the greatest impact possible.

The beauty of the initiatives under the Foundation is that we have the ability to share resources. Some organizations have their own 501c3 while others have chosen to forego theirs. This allows all to unite and leverage resources to significantly reduce back-office costs, such as marketing, development, accounting, and operations. This method means more money goes to go directly to life saving programs. Some of our Pillar partners are solely initiatives of the foundation, such as the National Training Cadre and the S.P.E.A.K. UP Train-The-Trainer Prevention Model.

We also provide grants to highly credible and vetted organizations on an annual basis, and a smaller scale.

High impact giving that moves the needle

The Selah Way Foundation was created to be 'supported and supporting' and operates as a unique, cost-effective collaborative network. Our three Pillars (Prevention, Protection and Provision) encompass our work domestically and internationally to combat sex trafficking and sexual abuse, while our grantee organizations are able to benefit from the support of our organization. This one-of-a-kind approach creates a large umbrella for the greatest possible outcomes in this movement.

When you support The Selah Way Foundation, you are not merely supporting one organization. You are significantly moving the needle, globally, to save lives and end an abhorrent human rights violation.

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